Academic Eligibility

Sports can be an important part of helping children grow into mature Christian adults. The reality is that the athlete’s primary task right now is to be a student. Athletics and academics can exist in harmony, but only when they are being handled in the correct order – schoolwork first! We teach NCA students to participate in both. Students who show real effort in the classroom, with their work and behavior, should have no trouble staying on an NCA team.
Participation in NCA Athletics is a privilege, not a right. Students need to keep this in proper perspective. By signing the Codes of Conduct athletes and their parents agree to follow these guidelines and support the school in maintaining the proper attitude and atmosphere at all school events.
The following procedures were developed by NCA teachers, principals, and the NCA Athletic Committee to help students stay focused on their academics. If it becomes necessary for your child to be placed on probation or suspension, the student, parent, and coach will be notified. In the event of continued and/or serious violations of these or other school guidelines, a child will be dismissed from a sport and a conference will take place with the parents, student, and principal.


Probation is a warning period of three (3) weeks during which time a student may continue to practice and play with the team, but parents and coaches know that getting homework assignments complete and staying current with other work are the student’s most important objectives. When a student is placed on probation, she/he will receive a dated form from the teacher with the principal’s approval, which needs to be signed by the athlete and a parent, and returned to school. It is then the student’s responsibility to approach the teacher(s) on the date probation ends to determine if the probation has ended. The student will bring a signed note from the teacher or principal to the coach if probation has ended.  

Conditions for Probation

  1. Below average grades due to poor effort in any academic area.
  2. Disrespect or inappropriate behavior in the classroom, on the playground, on school grounds or the bus, or at any school event.
  3. Poor sportsmanship shown at school or athletic practices or competitions. 


Suspension is removal from the sport for a period of three (3) weeks. A student may not attend practice or games during this time. A student is placed on suspension if she/he has failed to show improvement at the end of probation. A student is allowed one (1) suspension during the season. In the event of a suspension, a conference with the student, principal, and parent(s) will occur either by phone or in person. Immediate suspension may also occur at the discretion of the principal if student’s behavior or academic performance warrants it. Any child who practices or plays after being suspended will be immediately dismissed from that sport. 


Dismissal is removal from the sport for the rest of the season. A student will be dismissed if progress is not evident at the end of the suspension period. Immediate dismissal may also occur at the discretion of the principal. In the event of a dismissal, a mandatory conference with the principal, student, and parent(s) will occur.