Sustaining Families Initiative

In 2017, the administration of Northside Catholic Academy and the Board of Specified Jurisdiction’s Advancement and Development Committee launched the Sustaining Families Initiative. The goal of this new initiative is to increase financial support which NCA can depend on now and in the future to help ease the year-to-year concerns of educational programming and dollars. The Sustaining Families Initiative is critical to securing the future of NCA and Catholic education on the north side of Chicago.


The Sustaining Families Initiative asks school parents, parishioners, alumni and the community to make a financial pledge of $1,000 each year for a five-year period. We recognize that not all families can make this commitment and will consider a gift that they can afford. We welcome all financial pledges to support NCA’s future.


NCA is dedicated to the continued growth of our school so that more students can receive the same academically rigorous educational programs which prepares these young people for the world they will inherit. With financial commitments from school parents, parishioners, alumni and the community, NCA can continue to invest in improvements such as the expansion of our fine arts program, computer science integration in core content areas, the continued expansion of math, foreign language, and literacy programs, and more.


NCA has a valued place in the community, and with your support NCA will continue to meet the needs of current and future students for many years. The Sustaining Families Initiative is part of the NCA Strategic Plan which is charting the course for the future. To learn more please contact Leigh Holzman at 773-743-6277 or [email protected].


Become a Sustaining Family today!