Board of Jurisdiction

The NCA Board of Specified Jurisdiction (BSJ) brings professional expertise in specified areas to enhance the educational and spiritual leadership of the leadership team and the school. The BSJ works within the guidelines of duties established in accordance with the Archdiocese of Chicago in exercising our responsibilities. The President and the Principal welcome collaboration from the BSJ members in providing for a strong infrastructure for the school in the areas of Catholic Identity, Education, Finance and Facilities, Advancement, Enrollment, & Marketing, and Strategy & Leadership. See the NCA events calendar for meeting dates.

Board Members may be: 


  • Parishioners
  • Alumni and parents of alumni
  • Leaders within the neighborhood, civic, business, and professional communities
  • School parents and guardians
  • A maximum of 20% of the Board members may be non-Catholic.





Colleen Fulkerson (Chair)

Megan Ind (Vice Chair)

Mara Brecht (Secretary)



Most Reverend Mark Bartosic (President)

Terese Black (Principal)



Chris Atkinson

Anne Auten

Louise Baum

Jackie Blake (Past-Chair)

Colleen Clennon

Matt Couture

Liam Ford

Lindsay Hogan

Kiki Kouchoukos

Mercedes McLaughlin


BSJ members commit to prepare for and attend board meetings, and to participate actively in at least one of the standing committees of the BSJ. The president and the school principal sit on the BSJ Ex-Officio. The BSJ adopts a consensus model of decision-making; work is prepared in committee before presentation to the board membership. The Executive Committee includes the officers and ex-officio members who work to set the board agenda and monitor the board calendar and upcoming items. An agenda, including the minutes from each current committee’s work, is provided to board members. For the two open meetings, agendas will be made available via communications.