Volunteering at Northside Catholic Academy

At Northside Catholic Academy, we strive to create a community that is welcoming, respectful, nurturing, and compassionate. At the heart of this is our focus on the important role service plays at NCA. The spirit of volunteerism is an essential part of our success and what makes NCA such a wonderful place. Our parents and volunteers generously give their time and talent for the benefit of our students and school community. Volunteers helps enhance the school experience for our students during library time, field trips, extra-curricular activities, sporting events, as well as a variety of parish events and activities.

Volunteer Requirements

The Archdiocese of Chicago requires all volunteers who are in contact with children to complete the following steps. Please see the Online Volunteer Steps 2017 for completing the online portion of your volunteer paperwork on the Archdiocese of Chicago website. Please check the Archdiocese Virtus Training site often for classes in the neighborhood.
1. Complete and submit Volunteer Application (Form 7703)
2. Complete and submit ChildAbuseAndNeglectTrackingSystem (this form needs to be updated each year)
3. Complete and submit a signed Code of Conduct
4. Complete an online background screening through eAppsDB (use access code: protection)
5. Register and attend Virtus Training, then submit the certificate of completion
Once all forms have been submitted to your campus secretary and the online screening is completed, you can begin volunteering with children. Please contact Mrs. Cannon or Mrs. Herold with any questions.
Volunteer Opportunities for NCA Families

All registered NCA families are required to complete 20 service hours each year. There are a number of volunteer opportunities for our NCA parents and families to participate in throughout the school year. Parents should check our parent portal SchoolSpeak on a regular basis to sign up. All service hours should also be recorded on SchoolSpeak.

Thanks for your interest and willingness to serve the children of NCA! We look forward to working with you.