Queen of Hearts

We are back with our 3rd Queen of Hearts Raffle!!
Drawings are at 7pm. On Fridays at the Double Bubble (6036 N Broadway) Buy tickets today! 1 for $5 or 5 for $20. Tickets are sold at both campus offices, The Sovereign and the Bubble. 
How does Queen of Hearts work?
54 playing cards face down on posterboard (52 cards and 2 jokers). Buy a ticket and pick a number 1-54 where you think Q❤️ is hiding. Each drawing we pick a ticket and that person has a chance to win 1/2 the pot (if they find Q❤️). If that number does not reveal Q❤️ that person wins a prize ($125 for a joker, $100 for A, $50 for a face, $25 2-10). The revealed card and associated # are removed and all the purchased tickets for that drawing are discarded
Pot gets bigger each week with fewer numbers to choose from.