Alumni Testimonials

A school is there to serve its students and we take great pride in our investment in each student to walk the halls of NCA. We strive to build a foundation for our graduates to become adults of strong character who go on to do amazing things.

“I'm incredibly proud to be an NCA alumna. After high school, I attended UIC for my bachelor’s and received a full scholarship to the University of California at Riverside, where I earned my Master’s and Ph.D. in Bioengineering. I’m currently at Cal Tech working on my postdoctoral. I firmly believe that my early education is what led me to where I am today." - Jaimie Stewart


“I am a proud alumna of the very first graduating class of NCA. I continued my Catholic education from grade to graduate school, and each step positioned me perfectly for the next. NCA set me up for honors courses at Loyola Academy, which set me up for a nursing major at Georgetown University, which led to my success in the workforce. It also motivated me through earning my MBA at Loyola University Chicago. The foundation for my personal success was laid at NCA. I learned lessons like determination, personal and community responsibility, critical thinking, tolerance, and curiosity."


"I often think of what a blessing it was for me to start my journey at a school where I was encouraged to take a less-traveled road, where I was afforded the opportunity to participate in science and history fairs, and where I was able to make lifelong friends. NCA helped me build the rocket ship, and while I may not be going to the moon, I’m certainly among the stars, and the view is spectacular!” - Colleen Clennon