Facts & Figures

Northside Catholic Academy is a 2013 Blue Ribbon School

This prestigious award is bestowed upon “Exemplary High Performing” schools recognized among their state’s highest performing schools, as measured by state assessments or nationally-normed tests. NCA is one of only 50 private and 236 public schools in the country to receive the 2013 award.

Student Population

  • 281 students 
  • 61% Catholic; 39% other faiths
  • 50% White, 10% Multi-Racial,  11% Hispanic, 23% Black, 6% Asian
  • 20% of students are eligible for Free/Reduced Food Service Program

Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff have a special calling to Catholic education, and are models of Catholic values, demonstrating faith, service, compassion, and justice. 
  • 48 Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty and Staff
  • 1 President, 1 Principal, 1 Assistant Principals
  • All NCA Teachers are Illinois-certified.
  • More than half have advanced degrees, and many have graduate degrees in progress.

Faculty: Student Ratios

  • Preschool 1:10 teacher student ratio per classroom
  • Kindergarten 1:12 teacher student ratio per classroom
  • 1st through 8th Grade maxes at 1:25 teacher student ratio per classroom