Award-Winning Academy


Northside Catholic Academy is a Blue Ribbon School. This honor is awarded to the top 50 private schools in the country that demonstrate exemplary high performance. This recognition is earned through performance on state assessments and nationally normed tests. 

We are very proud of this distinction, and we strive to maintain this standard and propel our students forward by maintaining small class sizes and providing a balanced focus on test preparation. 

Small Class Sizes

Teacher to Student Ratios:

  •     Preschool — 1:10 per classroom
  •     Kindergarten — 1:12 per classroom
  •     1st - 8th Grade — 1:25 per classroom


Balanced Learning

Northside Catholic Academy students receive a well-rounded education that includes Spanish, Technology, Art, Music, and Physical Education. Our STAMP Program provides students with hands-on learning experiences and stimulating variety, which contributes to their academic success. 

Expressive subjects like Spanish, Art, and Music not only inspire creativity, they also enhance brain and language development. Physical Education nurtures the health and well-being of our students while encouraging teamwork and self-discipline. This is rounded out with a technology curriculum that embraces the STEAM philosophy and equips students with a frame of mind and a set of skills for our rapidly changing world.


Affordable Investment

 A private education that promotes high school and college readiness and supports moral development should be accessible to all families. It is an investment that is paid back over the course of a lifetime through secondary education and career opportunities, the strength of character, and unshakable networks of friends.