NCA School Bus

*Please note the afternoon bus routes from the MS are currently full and are running a waiting list. We are waiting to received updated guidelines for bus service.


Northside Catholic Academy offers private bus service for all registered students. We provide bus service to and from most of our parishes and two campuses. The 2021-2022 school bus fee is $300 for first child and $200 for each additional child.


Families must complete both steps:
1. Complete GOOGLE FORM to register
2. Complete PAYMENT within 2 days to hold seat
This form must be completed for each bus rider by May 20, 2022. Payment due within 48 hours of completing form.
Pre-School students may only ride if accompanied by an older sibling
We will be unable to reserve spots on the bus. Your child's place on the bus can only be secured with full payment.

NCA 2021-2022 BUS SCHEDULE (Times & Locations are subject to change)


A.M. Schedule

Beazley Bus

6:30  St. Henry – (pick up M.S. and P.C. students)

6:40  St. Gregory – (pick up M.S. and P.C. students)

6:50   St. Gertrude – (drop off P.C. students and pick up 1st group of M.S. students)

7:00 St. Jerome - (pick up M.S. and P.C. students)

7:10   St. SMM – (drop off M.S. students)

7:25   St. Gertrude – (drop off PC students and pick up 2nd group of M.S. students)

7:40-7:45   St. SMM – (drop off M.S. students & pick up P.C. students)

8:00   St. Gertrude – (drop off P.C. students)


P.M. Schedule

Beazley Bus

2:50  SMM - (pick up 1st group M.S. students going to St. Gertrude)

3:05-3:10  St. Gertrude – (drop off M.S. students and pick up P.C. students to St. Ignatius, St. Jerome and SMM)

3:20-3:25  SMM - (drop off P.C. students for SMM and pick up M.S. students to St. Jerome,  St. Ignatius, St. Gregory & St. Henry)

3:30  St. Jerome – (drop off M.S. & P.C. students)

3:35  St. Ignatius – (drop of M.S. & P.C. students)

3:40  St. Gertrude – (drop off M.S. students & pick up P.C. students for St. Gregory and St. Henry if any)

3:45  St. Gregory – (drop off M.S. & P.C. students)

3:50  St. Henry – (drop off M.S. & P.C. students)


The NCA school bus stops:

St. Gertrude: NCA Primary Campus, 6216 N. Glenwood Ave. (Granville & Glenwood)

St. Gregory: Southeast corner of Bryn Mawr & Paulina (A.M. only); Northeast corner of Gregory & Paulina (P.M. only)

St. Henry: 6335 N Seeley Ave; Enter at 2100 W Devon Ave

St. Ignatius: Northwest corner of Glenwood & Loyola (P.M. only)

St. Jerome: Corner of Morse & Paulina, 1 block east of Clark St. (6950 N); Northeast Corner-A.M.; Southwest Corner-P.M.

St. Margaret Mary: NCA Middle School Campus, corner of Chase (2300 W) and Oakley (7300 N)