Primary School (PreK - 4)

Our daughter absolutely loved kindergarten at NCA! We were impressed by the teacher-parent communication, as well as all the fun learning activities the teachers gave for home time. Our daughter accomplished her personal goal in kindergarten to learn how to read. As she moves into first grade, she now is filled with academic confidence. We couldn't be happier.”  - NCA Parent


Northside Catholic Academy’s Primary School provides students in grades K-4 with a challenging, well-rounded curriculum that inspires curiosity, creativity and a love of learning. NCA’s curriculum aligns with the Common Core Standards and includes Spanish, Technology, Art, Music and Physical Education. We also implement a STEAM philosophy into our technology curriculum across all grade levels in science, math and art. We believe that this well-rounded approach to education provides students with the engaging, hands-on learning experiences needed to prepare them for success in school. It prepares them to think and act critically, creatively and collaboratively; to work to the best of their ability; and to develop self-awareness, responsibility and curiosity.


  • Language Arts: Wonders Literacy Program
  • Math: U of Chicago Everyday Math Program
  • Science: FOSS Next Generation Science Program
  • Technology: Our Primary School technology curriculum includes coding and programming. We use iPads in classrooms and PCs in the computer lab. Google Classroom begins in fourth grade. All classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards.
  • Typing and handwriting are taught in Primary School.


Differentiated Instruction

Knowing that there are different learning levels within a class, we strive to develop skills in each child. Lessons are multi-leveled to promote success for all students. In addition, our teachers use a variety of instructional strategies in their classrooms in order to meet the individual needs of their students. This differentiation may be in the content, activities, projects, use of ongoing assessment, or through flexible grouping. Teachers will also work with an individual student or small group to vary the teaching in order to create the best learning experience for the student.



Our goal is to help students grow in their relationship with God in age-appropriate ways. Along with character building lesson plans, students participate in service projects, weekly mass and celebrate Catholic traditions. Our Catholic values are respected by people of all faiths and we welcome non-Catholic students.


Homework and Grades

Homework is given nightly Monday-Thursday for grades 1-4, averaging 15 minutes per grade, with 20 minutes of daily reading. The amount and kind will vary according to the age and ability of the student. Homework can include: written assignments, silent or oral reading practice, reviewing work covered in class, finishing class assignments, practicing Math facts, working on a book report or other long term project, studying for a test, or independent reading. Letter grades begin in third grade, but all students PreK-8 receive trimester report cards.


In Kindergarten, the focus is on early literacy skills. Students are encouraged to read with an adult for 20 minutes each day, and are given optional activities which reinforce the skills learned in class.


The Primary School Campus is located at 6216 N. Glenwood Ave. in the Edgewater neighborhood. Visit us to learn more.