Hindsight is 2020 - Come Celebrate NCA at the Soirée

This year, we invite you to Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present, and Give to the Future. Every Friday until the Soirée, we are looking back and taking a moment to consider NCA’s rich heritage, our gratitude for the present, and our hopes for the future. 

Past: Community Historical Facts

St. Henry: St. Henry Parish was founded in 1851. In 1865, St. Henry’s Angel Guardian Orphanage was established, and construction of a parish school was completed in 1882 (Previously, the school was housed at the orphanage.) St. Henry church not only served as a place of worship for local inhabitants but interestingly, the building later used as its parish rectory also served as a hospital for wounded soldiers during the Civil War.

St. Jerome: St. Jerome Parish was founded in 1894, and by 1905, St. Jerome’s School was established. The present church was built in 1914 under the leadership of the Rev. Thomas F. Ferrell and designed by the architect Charles H. Prindiville. John A. Mallin decorated the interiors in 1931. In the book Chicago Interiors, David Lowe describes St Jerome’s: “With its dazzling display of marbles, its walls of gold mosaic, its heroic paintings, and its carved gold-leaf ceiling, St Jerome’s would not be out of place in Rome.”

Present: What is something you are grateful for at NCA?

A common appreciation among our children is for their friends, teachers, principals, and NCA staff. Molly (5th grade) writes, "I am grateful for the teachers at NCA. They teach me to be a better person." Amelia (5th grade) says, "I am very grateful for the wonderful teachers, friends, and all the helpers of NCA. Also, just for a great school." Tilly (5th grade) is grateful for the "student council and my duty to represent my class, my friends, and the kind teachers."

Future: What is something you are excited about or hope to have in the future at NCA?

Duke (5th grade) says he hopes to have a science fair at NCA, 

Sebastian (3rd grade) says he hopes to have a math club,

Noah (5th grade) says, "I hope that we can get a spelling bee, air conditioning, and better lunches.