It’s a Great Day to be a Wildcat. Go Wildcats!

Approximately 80% of students in grades 4-8 participate in the Northside Catholic Academy Athletics Program. As the NCA mission is to develop the whole child, including their physical growth, athletics play an integral role in an NCA education. Through participation in the Athletics Program, students develop confidence and discipline and learn the importance of key values including honesty, teamwork, fair play, respect for themselves and others, and adherence to the rules. Athletics fosters school spirit, loyalty, responsibility and cooperation. It also provides a forum for our student-athletes to deal with competition and learn how to cope with both winning and losing. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that supports how athletics affects not only a child’s physical skills and abilities but also their social and moral development.
All participants, from the Athletic Director to the newest members of our teams are encouraged to make “positive participation” their main goal. We aspire to offer a fun atmosphere in which students learn the basics of the sport, improve their skills, make new friends, develop as members of a team, and become physically fit. 
The Athletics Program for students in grades 4-6 is developmental in nature and focuses on building foundational skills. In grades 7-8, the Athletics Program becomes more competitive, allowing students to hone their physical skills and prepare their minds and bodies for high school competition.
NCA offers a variety of athletic programs throughout the school year:


Fall Sports

  • Bitty Basketball (Grades K-3) 
  • Cross Country (Coed, Grades 5-8)
  • Football (Grades 4-8)
  • Soccer (Coed, Grades 5-8)
  • Girls Volleyball (Grades 4-8)


Winter Sports

  • Girls Basketball (Grades 4-8)
  • Boys Basketball (Grades 4-8)


Spring Sports

  • Bitty Basketball (Grades K-3)
  • Girls Lacrosse (Grades 5-8)
  • Boys Volleyball (Grades 4-8)